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Straight from the Cutter's Mouth Episodes

Updated: Nov 22

Wanna listen to them all? Click on the link below:


Recent Articles:

Episode 412: Journal Club Discussion of URiM Faculty Promotion, Gender Effect on Milestones Evaluations in Residency, Ophthalmology Workforce Projections, Private Equity Effect on Medicare Spending

Episode 411: Scleral Buckling Tips and Tricks with Drs. Pradeep Prasad and Yoshihiro Yonekawa

Episode 410: November/December 2023 Retinal Physician Preview, Pediatric Retinal Detachments, Retinopathy of Prematurity, and More!

Episode 409: Journal Club Podcast on URM Fellowship Applications, Carbon Footprint of AAO Meeting, Preoperative Positioning for Fovea-On RD, and Trial Patients Lost to Follow-up

Episode 408: In Memory of Dr. Kirk Packo, featuring Dr. Yannek Leiderman

Episode 403: September 2023 Retinal Physician Preview Including Discussion of High-Dose Aflibercept, Treatment-Resistant Wet AMD Patients, Biosimilar Injections, and Lifestyle Factors and AMD

By Jayanth Sridhar on Sep 05, 2023 08:00 am

Episode 401: ASRS 2023 Annual Meeting Thoughts and Impressions Including Dry AMD Pharmacotherapy Discussion



Other Episodes:


Other Episodes:

Wanna listen to them all? Click on the link below:

Episode 377: February 2023 Retinal Physician Discussion Focusing on Geographic Atrophy

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