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▶️ 🎥 Retinawesome 19 | Link in Here | Vitreoretinal Surgery | My Best Case | Feb25,202

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Welcome to Retinawesome Retina & Vitreous International

Retina & Vitreous - Vitreoretinal Surgery

🔴Retinawesome Meetings:

The Retinawesome Meeting is an online program that started during the “Pandemics” in 2020, providing ophthalmologists, vitreoretinal fellows as well as retinal specialists with an opportunity to interact and learn from leading experts in the field of vitreoretinal surgery. In addition to retina fellows and residents, retinal specialists and ophthalmologists are welcome to attend these virtual sessions. During each session, invited speakers from around the world will join us, moderated by Dr Hudson Nakamura and invited MDs and others, in a great discussion about interesting surgeries from each one of us. All those who participate in these sessions will be expected to gain an enhanced understanding of the capabilities of a variety of retinal surgeries, and as the subject suggests, Infinite Solutions in Vitreoretinal Surgery. We will be very keen at showing surgical cases with new devices and technologies, taking int consideration what is being performed today, as well as comparing with past technologies, trying also to foresee a future for incoming generations in the retinal field applied to surgery and searching for better outcomes.

Retinawesome meetings are usually presented via Zoom Webinar. Other Platforms will be offered occasionally. Review Zoom related information below prior to the webinar date to ensure your access.

PLEASE REGISTER in advance for the NEXT Retinawesome Meeting.

Please note that you will be prompted to log in to Zoom.

Retinawesome 19. Our Next Meeting on the Roll

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